Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Psycho- A powerful movie...

Review on this powerful, little Mad & Tricky moive- Psycho (1960).

Director: Alfred Hitchcock.
Thriller Movie
Psycho- a tricky movie, Psycho was the very first movie counted in Scary  and horror movies till the movie exhausted was introduced.
The Movie is almost based on voice over which made it looked very crispy in its way. The movie was low budget movie
brilliantly-edited with the good camera angles and light effects used. The movie which was full of thrill and suspense made everyone's curiosity too eager. Now about the characters so i would like to give a brief introduction:

Marion, she played role of victim
Sam, played role of Marion's boyfriend
Arbogast was the character who was investigator in movie

Norman, a very interesting character... played multiple personality role.. 1st was owner of Bates Motel and ahaan..! not now will reveal you the 2nd character later.
There were three more interesting characters one is Marion's sister, next two characters are officer and his wife.

One evening, Marion was driving car and she was really disturbed, she was having $40,000 along with her it was raining heavily marion saw a hotel- Bates Motel so thought to stay a night in hotel and leave early morning for Phoenix. She went in and got room for her she asked norman to bring some food for her as she was hungry and they both had a quite good conversation with each other but wait there was some emotional talks also going norman told about her mom who was widow and after her husband's death she went mad and she is the only best friend of him. There after she left the place & went in room.. oh no this was scary.. someone entered in bathroom & killed Marion.
(Now here is the entry of Arbogast, sam and marion's sister) Sam & marion's sister were really worried about marion missing so they appointed arbogast for finding her.. Arbogast finally got the clue that marion was there on that night but first norman refused to say that she stayed there and then when arbogast saw her signature in register then norman started giving a little information but he was stammering in between so now arbogast became sure that something is wrong there and he informed sam about it. Oh no one more murder wait this is arbogast only...
Marion's sister and sam went to officer privately at his place, in next meeting officer told that norman is innocent and he know him wel and still if he wants to take action so he can come in office and log a complaint against norman so it was of no use.
Sam & marion's sister went to bates and booked a room. They got some evidence there and
for more she went to farmvile of norman to talk with his mother. Aww thats great she found Mrs.Bates there Uh..! wait it was dead body of her which turned to bones from past many years and norman kept it secret as he loved his mom so he wanted to keep her alive but that makes no sense...

Finally got to know, it was norman who was murderer oops sorry he was a Psycho murderer. He use to think that his mom kills but it was he who use to come in the character of his mom and kill. Yes  this was the interesting 2nd character of Norman
you can say simply it was a case of Multiple personalities.

Sam & Marion's sister
Dead Mrs.Bates
Marion Cranes