Thursday, March 7, 2013

Love is blind…This Blindness brings changes in Culture.

A few TV soaps which used to be hit and have Love concept in it.

Remix was an Indian television series which used to air on star one around 8years before, remix gave birth to Love stories on TV industry and daily soaps. The story is based on the lives of 12th grade students at the set in an elite school called "Maurya High" that is an institution for the kids of the rich and the famous. The school also entertains scholarship students, who come from poorer families. The story revolves around the students, their lives, insecurities, friendships, rivalries, and ambitions. The four main characters — Tia Ahuja (a fashion entrepreneur's only daughter: Sumit Ahuja), Anvesha Ray Banerjee (a Bollywood filmstar's only daughter: Sonia Ray), Yuvraaj Dev (brat son of India's politician: Yashwant Dev), and Ranveer Sisodia (a Rajasthani royal who comes to Maurya to avenge the death of his father which wasn't really Sumit Ahuja's fault). Hailing from different backgrounds, all of them seem to have their priorities worked out and prefer to follow their own path towards fulfilling their ambitions. But destiny has another trail set for them. Circumstances force them to come together and, through a series of dramatic twists and turns, the four form the music group Remix and become the singing sensation of the decade. Next will be on DMG i.e. Dill Mil Gaaye, a love-story of doctors used to air on star one. It was the sequel of the television series Sanjivani, which aired on STAR Plus channel. The show ended in October 2010 after running for 3 years. Even though the serial has ended, the serial as well as the actors are still remembered. Next Love story is Geet hui sabse parayi used to air on the same channel star one, it was ended on December 14, 2011. This show is now being re-aired in Star Utsav. This Love story was of Geet Handa/ Khurana and Maan Singh Khurana both characters were different Geet was a bit immature and Sweetheart of everyone I family and whereas Maan singh Khurana was angry young man types. Both shared a good chemistry.
By watching such TV serials youth tends to believe in Love relations and whereas some of their parents have objection on it because it changes the minds of their children who go against the culture and do inter-cast marriage, while some parents are of broad mind and accept inter-cast marriage as modern culture.


  1. hmmmm.............. India is country where people are living in a high tech world with an old belief.

    somewhere still our culture is living inside us