Friday, February 15, 2013

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Media Industry & Indian Entertainment

As it is well observed that Indian Entertainment and media industry is one of the fastest growing sector in India. Media and entertainment industry consist of many different segments under its folds such as; television, print, film, radio, music.

Television segment: 

Television first came to India in the form of Doordarshan (DD) on Sept 15, 1959. Doordarshan is the National Television Network of India and also one of the largest broadcasting organizations in the world.
Indian Television Industry has been in existence for nearly since four to five decades. It is one of the huge industry and has thousands of programs in all the states of India.  Today India boasts of being the third largest television market in the world.

Some Top leading Television Companies:

  • Sony Pictures
  • Zee Televisions
  • Star TV
  • Sahara One media and entertainment Ltd
  • UTV Software Communications Ltd
  • Balaji Telefilms Ltd

According to the report released by the Price waterhouse coopers today India's burgeoning Film and Television Industry created nearly 1.8 million jobs and contributes an immense $6.2 billion (Rs 28,305 crores) to the Indian economy. 

Print segment: It comprises of newspaper and magazine publishing. Book publishing also forms part of the print media though currently the share is not substantial.
Going forward
A booming Indian economy, literate population on the rise, increasing consumerism, entry of global brands in the country and opening of the sector to foreign investors would drive the growth in print media. Also with newspaper companies entering into newer regions and segments would lead to stronger growth. Foreign media too is taking interest in investing in Indian publications.

Film Segment:

Films are the most important form of entertainment in India. Film industry in India is among the largest in the world in terms of films produced in different languages viz, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Punjabi, & Malayalam. As Indians enjoy movies with spice, thrills, investigations and etc the industry is getting more developed. The most important trend for the Indian entertainment industry is that the number of Indians scattered around the world are numbering close to the affluent population back in India. And as entertainment becomes a strong ethnic bond for Indians in alien lands, theatre owners, TV/cable channel operators, event managers are all hankering for Indian entertainment products.

Radio Segment:

The cheapest and the oldest form of entertainment in the country, which was previously dominated by the AIR. In 2005, the government opened up the sector to foreign investment- and this is the key factor that will drive growth in this sector. As many as 338 licenses are being given out by the Indian government for FM radio channels in 91 big and small ad cities.

Music Segment:

Indian music attempts to assign each of the standard notes of its octave (Sa, Re, Ga ,Ma, Pa, Tha, Ni, Sa) to some sound in nature.  Music

The industry has been plagued by piracy and had been showing very sluggish growth over the last few years, both in India and globally. However, ‘mobile music’ and ‘licensed digital distribution’

services are projected to fuel the recovery of the music industry the world-over. The pace of growth in mobile music reflects the fact that consumers increasingly view their wireless device as an entertainment medium, using those devices to play games and listen to music, while carriers are actively promoting ancillary services such as ringtones to boost average revenue per user. Ringtones currently constitute the dominant component of the mobile music market. Licensed digital distribution services are also contributing significantly to growth in all regions.


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