Friday, February 15, 2013

Media & Religion

Media and Religion

Media and Religion involve similar processes of mediation between the self and the scared. Media and religion are distinct ‘fields’, he one affects the other. Religion has become a thoroughly mediatised experience. Articulation is rather general term that refers to processes of connection and disconnection, but also to the way people appropriate cultural forms for their own purpose. Say, the way media and religion relate to each other is not stable, nor predictable and depends on the audience uses and interpretations.

Media and Religion are interconnected terms say, sometimes as the media come up with new things media leaves its impact on the particular religion and if there is some majority in religion then media follows it and gives report.
The interaction between media and religion is being made more obvious as both have undergone significant changes in recent years.
Media and religion has gained visibility as a new field in the academic study of religions through focused conferences and workshops.
A challenge to Journalism: Accordingly, journalism should be more about facts on which rational political actors can exercise their democratic rights to participation in the public sphere. Religion has also been challenging to journalism because of a desire for special expertise.
Media’s power: Media defines common culture through both entertainment and journalism. Say, media particularly the journalistic media are the primary source of the facts of national ad global life on the daily basis. Much of whatever is going in the area of religion, about “our” religions and “their” religions we know because of the media only.

On one hand, it is quite easy to see that the younger generation that is hooked on to social media do not really highlight their religious views and beliefs on the social media. This may either be because religion has lost its hold on the Indian youth, or simply because they do not wish to publicize their religious views. Regardless, many are of the opinion that the social media have not really done much for the youth of the nation.



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