Thursday, October 17, 2013


Gurjarmat is local and good demanding newspaper in mulund. Gurjarmat newspaper from its name it self you will come to know that it belongs to Gujarati community. 
Gurjarmat is printing is of gujarati language or you can say script. The advertisements used in newspaper are like Jewellery ads, Coaching classes ads, Banquet halls, Choco Tours, A.C. car solutions and so on.  The Gurjarmat newspaper team follow the religious believes, even they are quite communist believes. The spokesperson from gurjarmat said that they do write on the local issue but their main focus is no the gujarati religion and they write mostly regarding to their community.  As local news firm the advertises used are proper and good. 
As this is a season of Gujarati festival NAVRATRI the news firm started providing the pre information like what is latest trend for navratri and few writing are related to religion. As festival is going on gujarmat gies lot of information about Navratri and its excitement in minds of people. How energetic people are.. so on. 
So as per the season Gujarati enjoy and Gurjarmat Newspaper simply ROCKS 
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