Thursday, October 17, 2013

Team Mulund Online- Local New Media

This post is talking about the team Mulund Online. Local businesses are still far away from the net era. There is not a single dedicated online website/portal about Mulund. Mulund Online is a proposal, it’s an attempt to build a stage between fellow Mulundites, a channel to communicate and come closer to each other and bring harmony, peace and respect. Conventionally Mulund Online be referring to Newspaper for News, Events, Advertising & Publicity, Yellow Pages, Classified, Education, and so on. The moment in time has changed and so is the technology. There was always a space in the localized news paper section. As there were many restrictions in local news paper implementation, there was always no great success in this segment. No single click information is available on each and every aspect of Mulund. Total Solution concept is still not in place. This portal is having all the contents which a news paper will contain, it is observed that there is not a single daily news paper on Mulund, here comes Mulund Online - daily updates of News & Happening in Mulund, updated Educational Info, Up to Date Yellow Pages, Online Shopping with a difference, Fun Contests, Bollywood & Entertainment, Always updated Mulund Help Line, Online Classified at down to earth rates, Citizen Charter to address problems in Mulund and many more interesting and interactive sections. Our mission is to deliver each and every latest available piece of information about Mulund to the entire world. To have the latest and last minute updated data on Mulund Online, this is not possible in print media. With the latest technology and interactive approach, we are providing latest information and try to become the Face of Mulund for the world.We are having an experience of more than 5 years in IT and Commerce. ‘Our step towards this portal is to provide total solution under one roof. As a Mulundite, we feel to have a web presence of our Generation Next suburb.’ Said Mulund Online team. The other way you can contribute to this Mulund Online movement is at least login to once a day and makes this site your home page. 
Our long term goal and objective includes: 
• Create a complete web portal which gives all the Information about Mulund. 
• A complete Online Yellow Pages of Mulund.
• Provide IT service & product infrastructure
• All business solution under one roof with the help of new technologies.

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