Thursday, October 17, 2013


Home Cable owns and manages one of the most advanced cable systems in Mumbai. Serving around 68000 customers, they offer cutting edge technology, the richest range of Home Entertainment and information choices for the whole family to enjoy and superior value that demonstrates that customer satisfaction is our number one priority.
Home team works hard to provide its services, simply imagine the ideal cable TV for your lifestyle programming that entertains you, informs you, and lets you unwind Home Cable provides you with the very best in home entertainment, information and communication. Ever since the company was formed, Home have been at the forefront of technology, striving to make life more enjoyable and less complicated for the communities they serve. From the employees to corporate executives they strive to keep pace with a changing world. 
HOME new cable and high speed online offers unparallel value, providing the maximum in choice, quality, convenience and affordability.
That is exactly what the future holds for Home Cable. Under the leadership of Girish Kothari, a man unparalleled in knowledge about and intention to integrate every aspect of digital technology, it will not be too long before the end customer is enabled to have access to the latest technologies at a single point of contact, said Home Team. 
Home Cable can take care of all your TV and internet needs.

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