Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Speak out Newspaper- The voice of common man

Speak out Newspaper- The voice of common man, is a local newspaper in Mulund. The firm is based on small scale and so it captures the local news. They do write even on the under dog stories of mulund like a girl passing with good scores even though facing many problems and so on. Speakout covers the development sector too, how the government is working on the infrastructure. Local problems of society is also been covered by speakout newspaper. 
Speakout newspaper mainly print the ads of Coaching class, Construction sites, local tour and travels, Local hotel and so on. 
The newspaper consist of 12 pages of reasonable price Rs.2/-. 
Gajendra the owner of the newspaper said that the are trying to bring the newspaper to a good platform. Few more branches they are planning to open locally said Gajendra. 
Speakout newspaper is writing on the political beat, general beat, Seasonal column, Science and technology beat and even of the development or environmental beat. 
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