Thursday, October 17, 2013

HOME NEWS- Local Broadcast media.

Home News belongs to one of the best cable i.e. Home cable which today its about local broadcast media and very know, its Home News. 
Home news is a news provided by the HOME CABLE ENTERTAINMENT INDIA PVT. LTD. which is a part of industry since 1991 and Home News is a local news channel that covers Mulund , Bhandup , Thane and so on. 
It is home to a influential management team that shares an entrepreneurial spirit with huge and rich experience in the field of cable TV, Internet and Broadband services.
Team said, Hats off to our 15 glorious years of service with success achieved each day through leading attitude, creative thinking and of course a lot of hard work.
Home Cable, one of the nation's most experienced cable service provider, has managed cable television systems since 1991. So we can say this, be it a housewife or a child, be it a professional or a student, be it a struggling entrepreneur or an established businessman, Home Cable, will always focus on deriving the best of technology in its simplest form, so as to enable people to use knowledge, information and entertainment to its maximum potential. 
Good Going HOME CABLE Team.

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